Knitting Crochet & Needle Craft Club

Regular Knitting, Crochet & Needle Craft Club

Every 2nd Tuesday of the Month

2018 Dates:

9th January / 13th February / 13th March / 10th April / 8th May / 12th June

All abilities welcome

Free Tuition

Free Entry

Just come along any time between 3.30pm & 7.30pm

We aim to finish by 9pm

We look forward to Welcoming you

I would like to say a massive thank you to Penny for the most amazing gift EVER!

Penny hand carved 12 letters from foam, then crocheted 12! Yes 12! letter’s all in Javabean colours, each one taking her at least one day (12hours)

I had a dream of doing this myself 5 years ago (and mentioned this to Penny) after Penny told me that these letters needed to be crocheted I shelved my dream as I can only knit and mostly in a straight line…

So you can imagine my absolute astonishment & emotional breakdown when Penny gave me my JAVABEAN CAFE Logo in all it’s amazing glory as a gift for 5 years of Knit Club Anniversary

Words can not describe the absolute astonishment, emotion & eternal gratitude

Penny you’re one in a Million! 

Penny I’m so pleased that you decided not to do Debbie too.. I 100% agree with you that, although you considered it, 2 x more E’s and 2 x more B’s was way too much!

Thank you Penny and Thank you to all our Wonderful Tunbridge Wells Knitters, Crocheters for all your support over the last 5 years

See below some of the wonderful things created over the years:



Congratulations to all our lovely ladies for completing the Royal Tunbridge Wells Blanket for the TW Museum. Very proud of us for our contribution to the exhibition.

IMG_3932 IMG_3933 IMG_3964

We are also attending Tunbridge Wells Museum Gallery on the last Thursday of the Month until the end of May between 6pm & 8pm, to do some group knitting with the aim of creating something inspired by the exhibition that may be included in the exhibition when it goes on tour.  

We are delighted to be creating a Royal Tunbridge Wells Blanket for the Museum, inspired by the colours of the Patchwork below made from material of Uniforms of the Crimean War, which is currently on display at the Museum. If you wish to create a square please let us know as we need to knit 45 (10 x 10inch) squares in total and we still have squares available, just pop into Javabean and ask to see the plan and put your name down for either a letter square or a plain square. 



January 15th 2015

All Knit Club Members are invited to knit at the Museum, please join us for the Private View and bring your needles and yarn, to get inspired by the exhibition and  come along to knit at the Museum every last Thursday of the month until the end of May between 6pm & 8pm. Hopefully your work will be included in the exhibition when it goes on tour later in the year.

IMG_3448 IMG_3449 IMG_3447


Looking forward to 2015 – We are starting the year with an invitation from the Tunbridge Wells Museum for us to create something inspired by their new exhibition with a view to having our work included in the exhibition on it’s tour. Come on ladies let’s do something wonderful!


Dec 2014:

Javabean & Knitted Love Knit Club is growing all the time, we have lots of new members and everyone is knitting something new and exciting every month. This month we are enjoying Mulled Wine and Mince Pies, so why not pop along and meet the group and enjoy a pre Xmas tipple with us and find out what Knit Club is all about. It’s our 3rd Xmas and we are so blessed to have so many lovely local ladies all busy knitting some truly wonderful creations.

Looking forward to Knit Club 2015 and teaching many more to knit…

Summer 2014:

We are all looking forward to the light summer evenings again when we can all enjoy a longer evenig of knitting and catching up with all the local gossip and knitting/crochet tips. PIMMS O’CLOCK!

Please feel free to pop along and join us be it novice or veteran – we look forward to welcoming you.

Lovely Jumpers

Lovely Jumpers

April 1st Knit Club – Was great to have 4 new ladies join the group, we hope you enjoyed it and will come again next month to meet more of the very talented knitters and crochet’ers of Tunbridge Wells. It was lovely to meet you and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Wow, February’s meet up was fantastic, lots of new faces, lots of tip sharing and helping each other with all the many projects everyone has on. Also it was great to meet our International follower Yuriko, who’s knitting we have all admired from afar. She is extremely talented and it was great to meet her and we all wish her a safe journey back home to Sacramento. Yuriko was keeping her knitting project small whilst on her travels, see her here with a lovely pair of socks in progress…


We also were all in awe of Penny’s Wonderful Crochet Frog, she used a 1mm Crochet Hook! The patience of the woman, she is a legend!

Penny's Frog

Penny’s Frog


January 2014 saw a great start to our Knitting Club, with 3 new members, Kate who knitted once when she was younger and wanted to refresh her memory and who was recently inspired by a gift of a beautiful hand made scarf. So we hope she keeps knitting this month and we look forward to seeing how far she has progressed next month.

Also we were joined by Sue & Kate, who are both incredibly talented knitters…. just see the photo below of their knitting and an image of the actual pattern. We hope your wish to finish it within a month comes true… Keep up the good work!




Over Christmas Penny has been very busy, she has been working on the most amazing Crochet Scull Shawl, which I hope she brings along next time finished so we can take a photo and show you her skill and dedication! Below are a couple of other projects she finished over the festive period. I lovely Ipad Cover and a Lovely Crochet Choker.



Ladies, Thank you, we’ve had a great year of knitting this year (2013) with a trip to Alexander Palace to the Knitting Exhibition, lots of laughs and tears! So pleased Sarah that your son was ok!

We’ve all enjoyed meeting and making lots of great new friendships and we are all still working very hard creating knitted squares for our charity blanket, which we aim one day to finish! and raffle off for a local charity. It’s the thought that counts! one day I’m confident we will finish it and all be incredibly proud, so watch this space!

We hope that 2014 brings us more Knitting Mad Friends and we will continue to offer our Knitting Wisdom and generally some me time away from it all once a month! 

Thank you all for a wonderful 2013 and here’s to an even better 2014!

A Great Year Ladies!

A Great Year Ladies!

Javabean Started up a Knitting Club back in May 2012 thanks to the help of Becka who was taught to knit by her Grandmother Freda when she was very young.

We hold the Club once a month.  Knitters come along any time between 5.30pm & 8pm (we Aim to finish by 9pm, and some come and go throughout the evening, it’s a laid back club so turn up and leave any time that suits)

The Club is Free for everyone. So if you’d like to learn to knit then please come along, Debbie is happy to show you the basics (you don’t need needles or yarn, Debbie has plenty to get you started) So do join us either if you’d like to learn how or would just like to share a natter whilst knitting over a coffee or glass of wine with a great group of ladies (and maybe one day some men!) It’s a very welcoming & friendly group. We even have a Facebook Group – Search Javabean Knitted Love Club. 

Follow the Club and join in the chat on our Face Book Page

10th October – Alexandra Palace – Knitting & Stitching Show

A few of us ladies had a great day out at Ally Pally.. Here are a few images from the day:



Chunky Knitting

Chunky Knitting

Knitting or Knotting?

Knitting or Knotting?

Journey Home, checking out our Bargains!

Journey Home, checking out our Bargains!


4th June 2013 was a Lovely Sunny Knit Club!

Great Evening with the Knitters of TW

Great Evening with the Knitters of TW

To find out more please click on the following links to learn more about our club from a true professional knitter and TW’s very talented blogger Anke:

Anke’s Ladybits Blog Meet the Knitters

Anke’s Ladybits Blog, Knitting at Javabean

Some very lovely creations from the ladies:

Warm Welcome to Penny's Late Husband

Warm Welcome to Penny’s Late Husband


Cheeky Little Monkey!

Cheeky Little Monkey!

The 30 Min Knit Challenge was very funny, below are the results – A Crown and hammer Head Cat and a Blind Chicken that has gone on to have a very interesting social life!

30 min Knitting Challenge!

30 min Knitting Challenge!


Alison's Amazing Blanket!

Alison’s Amazing Blanket!

Alison’s Wonderful Blanket has inspired the group to make one together which we will Auction in Aid of and donate to a Children’s Charity. We are all busy Knitting Squares! But who’s going to sew it all together? Alison? Will you? …..A lovely summer project!

Wow what a great Needle Collection!

Wow what a great Needle Collection!




Looks Like the Wine ended before the Yarn was used up!


Anke wow! 5 Needles at once, you go girl!

Some of the Lovely Ladies all busy knitting!


April 9th 2013 30 min Knitting Challenge!


30 min Knitting Challenge!

30 min Knitting Challenge!

Fantastic Evening of 30 min Knitting Challenge, resulted in a Wonderful Crown a Hammer Head Cat! and a very odd looking Chicken, who has since become a bit of a Tunbridge Wells Celeb! and has a bit of a naughty name……she/he even has her/his own Facebook Page!

Wow! Just look at one of the Lady Knitters has completed....

Wow! Just look at one of the Lady Knitters has completed….


Cheeky Little Monkey!

Cheeky Little Monkey!

Warm Welcome to Penny! Penny is a Veteran Knitter and can help with absolutely anything knitting related, she really knows her stuff! Below is one of her wonderful creations! A fantastic Knitted Character, who Penny tells us is the image of her late husband. He truly enjoyed his evening at Javabean sitting in the window people watching! And we loved meeting him!

Warm Welcome

Warm Welcome


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